Slowly sewing stars and gardens…….

star gardener


The first proper patchwork quilt I made completely by hand, was a huge purple and green sampler quilt.  It was a bit of a monster and took me a wincingley long time to make….5 years from start to finish (I believe the word of the moment is “slow sewing” which I guess is what I do….) but in that time I made other smaller quilts, moved house 3 times, lost my dad to a horrid horrid illness, loved, lost, and loved again…. that quilt could have told the story of my life.

I’ve used those colours here as a little memory for myself.  Partly to remember that monster quilt, but also to remind myself… it’s not a race…it’s sewing…if my “dear ethel” quilt takes me 5 years…so be it (though I’m hoping it won’t.  On nights when I can’t sleep I think about it being finished, the strips of coloured sashing around the blocks, tiny squares, flying geese, ripples and ripples of quilted stitching)…. I started sewing the “dear ethel” blocks last Summer and I’ve made nearly 80 so far… so I’m about two thirds of the way through with the blocks but in the grand scheme… there is still a whole lot of sewing to be done (that can almost be said in a sing song way to this which sadly I can remember being played a lot from when I was little……the video is pretty bad)

Anyway, this little block is called Star Gardner.  The edge is made up of a series of small triangles which is often called “sawtooth” patchwork…basically because all those little triangles look like the teeth on a saw.  And although is a bit fiddly, it’s one of my favourite types of patchwork, and sewing it is something that gives me a whole world of pleasure to sit and do while the household is asleep in the early hours of the morning.


union star


I finally gave in and used some of the brown fabric I bought a couple of weeks ago from a vintage shop (it was supposed to be saved for a blouse I’d like to make at some point but I didn’t need to use very much) to sew this little block.  I wanted something to compliment the two pink fabrics and nothing from my fabric stash seemed to work.  Then I remembered the brown fabric, put them together and was very happy with the results…  The block is called Union Star, and involved another fiddly sewing session of pinning lots of 1 inch triangles together.

It’s not hard to see that this would make a lovely repeating block for an all over patchwork design.




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