Mrs Miller’s midnight feasts…..

mrs miller


When I was growing up, and was just a little girl, there was a lovely lady in our village called Mrs Miller.  She always wore the most amazing bright red lipstick, and she always had time to stop and chat to me and my sisters when she saw us playing in our front garden.

She used to tell us, how when she was  small, she’d gone to boarding school, and she’d tell us exciting tales of midnight feasts and boxes of tuck sent up from home.  I used to love Enid Blyton books, and hearing Mrs Miller talk it was like those stories coming alive (especially the Naughtiest girl in the school series).

When I saw this block was called Mrs Miller’s Favourite I knew I was not only going to sew it but also I knew exactly which colour it was going to have to be.

So this little block is made with many fond memories of a very lovely and kind lady and her wonderful bright red lipstick.

2 thoughts on “Mrs Miller’s midnight feasts…..

    1. Thank you.
      She really was very lovely and most glamorous with her lipstick.
      Sometimes the little blocks almost create themselves, names and fabrics coming together so perfectly..

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