Rice bread…

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Whenever we have rice we always seem to have some leftovers, never enough to make egg fried rice the next day, so it used to just get put in a bowl in the fridge and often as not would be forgotten about.

Then I was reading The HandmadeLoaf by Dan Lepard and he wrote about adding different grains to your bread and how the texture and flavours can change.  So next time we had leftovers, I put the rice in along with the water, honey and yeast, let it do it’s thing before adding the flour….. and hey presto (making bread is magic isn’t it….you never really know how it’s going to come out and sometimes my bread can look a bit …homemade in a very rustic way… but other times it looks artisanal.) from the oven appeared a wonderful loaf of bread, which smelt so incredibly good baking, it was perfect for toast, the rice helps to crisp the bread…. and it smelt very nice toasting too.  So now when we have leftovers, it always gets made into bread……unless it is risotto rice …I tried that and although the bread was nice it didn’t work for breakfast toast as the bread was slightly savoury, but it was good in sandwiches with some roast peppers and goats cheese.

Anyway this is my recipe for rice bread


some leftover rice (maybe an english tea cup amount or an american cup…)


yeast (I currently use a dry yeast because I can’t find fresh yeast anymore*)

bread flour (always from Shiptons…their flours are brilliant)


spelt flour (if you don’t have any don’t worry… your bread will still come out fine)

sea salt

sunflower oil



Put a couple of spoons of honey in a big bowl (I use a desert spoon so it’s not very precise), add your yeast (if you are using dry it’s about a table spoon, think it’s double that if you are using fresh)

Weigh your leftover rice, and take a note of the amount.  Add to the honey and yeast.

Weigh some oats, I use between 50g – 75g. Make a note of the amount.  Add to the honey,yeast and rice.

Weigh your flours.  Your combined dry ingredients want to be in the region of 650g so the below sums are an example

rice 50g                                               (50g)                 (75g)

oats 75g                                               (50g)                 (75g

spelt 125g                                            (100g)

bread flour 400g                                (450g)                (500g)


warm some water, add 400 ml of water to the honey,yeast, rice and oats.

If you are using spelt flour, add this to your bread flour, and then add a handful (cup) of flour to the honey,yeast, rice, oats and water, cover with a clean tea towel for about 20 to 25 minutes.



rice bread and tart 016



The flour want to be in a big bowl, add about a teaspoon of crushed sea salt, mix in thoroughly, make a well in the centre of the flour, add a splosh of sunflower oil (maybe a tablespoon or two) and then add the yeast,honey rice mixture.

Stir well until it comes together so you can start kneading it (if you are doing this by hand then a sink full of warm soapy water will be needed)

Kneed the dough until it is soft and silky and the temperature of the dough seems to drop (if it is very sticky then I’ll add a little more flour but only a sprinkle)

Add a small splash of sunflower oil on to your work surface, roll the dough so it is covered in a light sheen and then place it in a clean bowl with a tea towel.

Allow to prove (anywhere from an hour to an hour an a half

When the dough has risen, gently knock it back and put into a floured proving basket (I’ve stopped using shaped loaf tins as I find this makes for a nicer… cough cough … bigger… loaf of bread.  Cover with a dusting of flour and a muslin cloth. Leave for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, turn your oven on to gas mark 7.  Allow to get hot (15 to 20 mins)

Line a baking tray with a sheet of baking parchment, carefully tip your dough out in to the middle and quickly (but very carefully) slash the top of the dough with a really sharp knife and put into the oven.

After 15 minutes turn the temperature down to gas mark 6, and allow to bake for another 30 minutes.

When the bread is ready, remove from the oven, allow to cool on a cooling rack for at least an hour before smearing with butter, jam, honey….

* I use Allison’s Dried Active Yeast…


10 thoughts on “Rice bread…

    1. Hi Selena, must confess to owning a red kitchen aid (which I named Nigella after my favourite lady of the kitchen) and that does help… stick the ingredients in there and it takes about 4 minutes… however as long as I have a sink full of soapy water so I can clean up easily, and radio 4 on in the background, then I don’t mind just rolling my sleeves up and kneading by hand… that only takes what 10 – 15 minutes…. the rest of the time involved in making bread is when you can get on and do lots of other things….
      Without trying to sound all wholesome and goody goody, I bake all our own bread and have done for over 3 years, it suits both our tummies, and I’ve just learnt to fit it in my day to day routine. The time spent is definitely worth it taste wise.

    1. The pleasure is all mine, I love cooking and baking, though my boyfriend does most of the cooking (he’s far better at it than me, truly he can rustle up a meal out of what I think is an empty fridge) at least I get to do the baking….
      I had a total cake disaster on Friday though, one cake went in the bin and the second one sank in the middle (on the scale of the Titanic sinking) I then tried to fill it with icing so no-one would notice, but then when we cut into it…it collapsed inwards under the weight of the icing……. it was eatable, just not presentable.

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