A quilted cosy in a few easy to follow stages…..

patchwork and basting 001


In between sewing the wee mini blocks, I’m currently sewing a cover for my new computer (the old one has been having problems for a few months now and if it was a person it’d have been wheezing and spluttering every-time I turned it on poor love).  As the new computer is all skinny and slimline the old cover is far too large.

I’d already got lots of 2 1/2  inch squares cut out so I thought I’d sew those together and make a quilted patchwork cosy for it.

This isn’t really a tutorial its more just the way that I like to make my quilts… however, you could follow these instructions to make a dolls quilt (which is quite nice to make as a first quilted project…. I think most little boys and girls would be over the moon to have something pretty to tuck a teddy under at bed time)

However, I’ll split the stages of quilt making up in to easy to follow parts (if not there would be like a million pictures and it would get a bit over whelming)


patchwork and basting 003


First up is choosing your fabric for whatever you are quilting.  You don’t need to have a patchwork top though patchwork and quilting do seem to go hand in hand.  I like to use 100% cotton for my quilts, though when I’m sewing patchwork for things that aren’t quilts I’m happily sew all sorts of fabric together.

If you are sewing some patchwork you need to sew that all together first or you can use one whole piece of fabric for the top.  I’ve written about how I like to sew my patchwork together here, and here.

I think half my work box was emptied out in the process of sewing my patchwork, I always seem to end up sewing with various threads, some just seem to suit different needles better.


patchwork and basting 006


This is my finished piece of patchwork, it’s about 14 inches by 20 inches, with 1/4 inch seam allowance all round.  (It’s a bit on the long size if you were making a dolls quilt, so you might want to make one of those about  16 inches long x 14 inches wide, but it depends on the size of your doll and doll bed).

I basically use the same method for quilting regardless of the size of project…. sometimes I use a quilting hoop, sometimes I don’t.  For larger quilts, then I find a hoop invaluable.  I think a 14 inch hoop is the best size (… I have a larger one and when it has a quilt in it, well it’s a bit like what I imagine trying to cuddle a hippo would be like …arms not quite long enough,)






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