Colourful inspirations

collection of Sasha's toys


(this is our futon… when we have guests the toys all have to go upstairs…. the lovely bright and colourful ones are made by my friend Sasha she makes the most amazing toys from re-cycled and vintage fabrics… that orange cat is over 4ft tall and is wearing children’s clothing!!)

Over the years I’ve found myself being more and more drawn to using brighter colours in my work.  I still like muted palettes but I love combining colours that might make some people reach for the sunglasses.

While I’ve been sewing my “dear ethel” patchwork I’ve found myself being pulled in two directions…. I wanted a quilt which had a vintagey feel to the patchwork, but I also wanted something bright, which reflected my sudden discovery of a whole world of colour and the possibilities that were there when you mix pink, red, orange, apricot all together.  (for years I was a “there is only black” kinda of girl…. now I crave orange shoes, turquoise tights, a purple skirt, a green frock…..)




A couple of years ago I crocheted this blanket *(Bernard pretty much decided it was his as soon as I started sewing the granny squares together) and it’s one of the brightest and loveliest things I think I have made.  It’s currently on the futon with all the toys plonked on top.

When I’ve got a little stuck with new colour combinations with the patchwork, I’ve turned to this blanket, thrown the toys on to the carpet, and looked for new colour team ups here….

*normally I prefer to crochet using wool )am a big fan of crocheting using vintage tapestry wool) but for this blanket I used acrylic yarn, I think most of it was Stylecraft…




3 thoughts on “Colourful inspirations

  1. I’ve been shifting to brighter colors, too. I think mostly I’m broadening my range, rather than changing preference. I still work in the more muted ones, too.

    Love the afghan. It is bright and cheery.

    1. I’m not a fan of anything too flashy, maybe it’s more the combinations of colour and print. I really like feedsack prints and it never fails to amaze me how bright and cheery some of those are.
      Sadly the blanket isn’t big enough for our bed : (

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