Piecing rebel block patchwork …..

rebel patch 002


Using up some last precious scraps of one of my favourite fabrics (originally a grubby torn pillowcase that I bought for about 20 pence at a car-boot a couple of years ago) I thought I’d sew a fiddley block… one with lots of tiny triangles….. when the pieces of fabric are scattered like this they make me think of jigsaw puzzle pieces…


rebel patch 003


Pinning tiny triangles to the side of slightly larger ones…


rebel patch 006


I like using tiny glass headed pins… they seem to be sharper and slightly thinner….


rebel patch 007


This little square measures just over 3 1/4 inches wide…  I love the pink fabric next to the blue and red print….


rebel patch 009


All blocks are made in smaller sections first… you just need to work out where to start when you are sewing all the pieces together.

This block is worked form the centre out, most are made in strips and then you join the strips together.


rebel patch 013


Piecing the tiny (2 inches wide by 1 inch high) triangles…. I still find sewing patchwork held together by 1001 pins a whole world of easier than trying to knit with double pointed needles…. and as for knitting socks (do knitters grow an extra hand to hold those third or fourth needles…. knitters who knit socks…. ladies I take my hat off to you all)


rebel patch 016


It was only when I took the photo did I realise that there was a heart in the patchwork…… I feel so sad this fabric is nearly all gone… but I know I’ll feel all happy looking at it when it is part of a quilt.  No longer hidden away in a fabric pile but being seen everyday.


rebel patch 018


Sewing the sides…. those corner triangles are just 1 inch by 1 inch…. they were lovely to sew but I don’t think I’d want to sew them smaller. (Also they use up a lot more fabric than you’d realise… those 1/4 inch seam allowances do add up)


rebel patch 020


Okay… I took one small break to put the kettle on to a make a pot of tea… came back upstairs and I find the “supervisor” is inspecting what I’ve been sewing….. (2 pin cushions on the floor… and he’s laying on a small pair of very expensive embroidery scissors)


rebel patch 022(1)


The purrs were turned up to eleven…..  (he’s so the boss of me)


rebel patch 024


And finally when someone had shifted their fat and furry bottom (which is when I realised they’d been nesting on my scissors…. bad cat)….. I was able to finish….. this little block is called  “rebel block”.

If the pink fabric had been bought new then I’d have bought as much as my purse would have allowed….. possibly my all time favourite in the whole wide world fabric…… guess it’s quite fitting that it started out as a pillowcase and is ending up as a quilt.  Think it is perfect for bedtime.


The rest of the “dear ethel” mini blocks can be found on their very own pinterest board…..


2 thoughts on “Piecing rebel block patchwork …..

  1. Hi there, I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks and am so impressed by your piecing skills. I have done some hand piecing myself but on bigger blocks!!! You’re an inspiration to me, looking forward to checking out your pintrest board,

    1. Hi Sue… oohhh thank you so much, you’ve totally made my day.
      I love hand sewing (I’m a bit of a boy racer when I get on a sewing machine) and for me part of the attraction of hand sewing is the quiet and contemplation it offers. I love my sewing machines (currently have 3 and a very dusty over-locker) and there are many things I couldn’t sew without them but there isn’t the same connection as when I am sewing by hand.(… also when I learn to quilt and sew patchwork it was by hand and it just feels right to continue in that fashion.)
      Happy sewing Sue, and thank you again for your lovely comment x

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