Silent star patchwork piecing…..

silent star and illinois 002


Piecing another little mini block, while I was finger pressing the seams flat I was struck by how notice-able the “finished” size patchwork triangle is compared to when it has it’s seam allowance on show.


silent star and illinois 003


The triangles which are small anyway suddenly become tiny…..

It’s amazing the difference just 1/4 inch seam allowance makes… though as it’s a seam allowance that goes all the way round the piece of fabric, it soon adds up.


silent star and illinois 007


I’ve probably not used the best fabric for these triangles, both prints work better on slightly larger pieces, and deserve to be fussy cut, showing off a little animal or child in full rather than an odd leg or half a body.


silent star and illinois 011


This is the block finished… it’s called Silent Star.  I love the little bunny on the red fabric, he’s turning round and looks so surprised to see he has a tail.

I think I could have made those white joined triangles in the centre squares and fussy cut a couple of the animals.

Hmmmm looking at it I can see this is just going to end up bugging me so I’m going to replace those bits (it’s not too pfaffy to do when it’s hand sewn).


All the blocks I’ve been sewing for my “dear ethel” quilt can now be found on their very own pinterest board.  I don’t have a lot of space in my work room for a  big design wall (I’ve got a A1 piece of foam board I covered in white flannel which is okay for small projects) however the pintersest board was a bit of a brain wave and it’s just been so useful….


silent star and illinois 009


And this block is called Illinois.  The green fabric is some I bought for the first quilt I made (it took me about 5 years from start to finish, also in that time I made 5 other smaller quilts amongst other creative endeavours and mishaps … and moved house 3 times)

I much prefer the blocks like this that have lots of small triangles.


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