More yellow and pink patchwork…..

variable star and album 002


Another two blocks finished… this one is called Album, which is a bit of a rubbishy name.  I much prefer it when the blocks have more interesting names.  The yellow fabric was from a charm pack and there was just enough for this block.  It makes me think of fluffy dandelion flowers… especially when they are all puffy and white.  I’m not sure how many pink and yellow blocks I’ve made but there are certainly more of those than any other.


variable star and album 004


This block is called Variable Star and it uses two of the new fabrics I bought last week from The Cotton Patch.  The red and yellow fabric is a definite favourite.  I did have to unpick a couple of pieces though as I’d sewn them with the pattern running horizontally rather than up and down.

I’ve gathered together all the pictures of the “dear ethel” blocks I’ve sewn so far and have created a pinterest board for them…. it’s fun for me to have a look at them all together… and it’s also helpful to see which colours need to be used a little bit more to balance the colour out….


variable star and album 006


And here is the latest collection of the last nine blocks I’ve sewn…. think that is 60 blocks sewn so far.  Looking at my calculations I think I need to make 122 in total, each block will have a little piece of plain coloured sashing around it… I’m not sure what I’ll do for a border.  I was thinking about piecing a length of flying geese (all those tiny triangles… bliss!) but I think I’ll wait and see what it looks like with the sashing first.


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