Pinwheel variations…..

new fabric and blocks 008


Three new blocks for my “dear ethel” patchwork quilt…. all based on the pinwheel block.

First up is Pinwheel.  It is also called  Wings in a Whirl, and Simplex Star.  I like the name Wings in a Whirl….. the block makes me think of those brightly coloured plastic windmills my mum would buy me and my younger sisters, we would spend all day on the beach at Southwold when we were little.  This was back in the seventies when no-one used sun block, indeed we were all covered in Ambre Solaire suntan oil which was brown, and sticky and just smelt of summer.  I think it was factor 3 or 4 which sounds terrible now…. looking at this block and a whole world of Summer memories comes flooding back…..many many good times indeed.


new fabric and blocks 012


The triangles have changed directions and the central square is now the same fabric as the corner squares.  This block is called New Home…..

To make for easier viewing….I’ve also collected all the pictures of the blocks I’ve made so far and have put them on to their own little pinterest board.


new fabric and blocks 010


Even though this block isn’t a true pinwheel, I think it is easy to see the similarities.  It is called “Split Nine Patch”……I liked the grey and lavendery lilac colours together….. there is something about the two together which makes me think of when I am having a cup of tea sitting on the back door step when everyone (apart from Bernard who has demanded a tummy rub at a most ungodly hour) is still asleep and the day is just waking.




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