New old timey fabrics…..

new fabric and blocks 002


Last week I treated myself to some new fabric from The Cotton Patch.  I felt I was getting a bit low on new oldy-time fabrics for my “dear ethel”  patchwork blocks.

The Cotton Patch had got the most brilliant selection of oldy time prints (along with a huge range of other fabrics if you prefer modern prints)….. I love reproduction prints so much,  the hardest part was trying to stick to my budget… I was totally spoilt for choice.  In fact I ended up making two lists, one for this time and then a second list for my next fabric time treat.

top row:  Peggy Sue #6, Lazy Days Baskets #22, 30’s playtime #23 (Chloe’s Closet for Moda), 30’s playtime in Mint Green, (Chloe’s Closet for Moda), Storybook Classics #35 Floral Square in red by Wynham Fabrics……

bottom row:  Storybook Classics #36 Floral Square in blue by Wynham Fabrics, Storybook classics # 24 Bowties by Wynham Fabrics, Storybook Classics # 20 Springtime Floral in yellow by Wynham Fabrics, and finally Storybook Classics # 19 also by Wynham Fabrics.


new fabric and blocks 005


Then on Friday I found this vintage brown print in a junk shop for £1.50, there is just over a metre of it so am hoping there’ll be just enough for a blouse.  Any scraps will of course be used for patchwork.  I think it looks really nice with both the pink and blue fabrics from The Cotton Patch assortment, however I am using great restraint and won’t cut into it until I’ve drafted a blouse first.


new fabric and blocks 014


I’ve already finished two blocks using the new fabric, and have cut out and put aside fabric for another half a dozen (I find cutting out a few blocks in advance and putting them into labelled plastic bags helps me keep my sewing table better organised)

Anyway, this block is called Hourglass.  I’ve used two of the fabrics from The Cotton Patch along with some brown fabric from Sylvia


new fabric and blocks 015


This block is called Country Farm… I thought the fabric with the three little pigs on it was most apt.  The pink and blue fabric do clash somewhat but it’s a combination I’m very happy with.  I can’t help smiling when I see it.


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