Thrifty bears and water wheels….

water whel and others 007


Three more little blocks, this one uses Lecien fabric.  The blue fabric is one of my all time favourite fabrics ( I bought half metres in three different colour  which I’ve never done before or since….) it never fails to make me smile.

The block is called Bear Paw.  I’ve already sewn variations on it and had forgotten to actually make the original block.


water whel and others 005


This block is called Thrifty.  I’d cut out the cherry fabric fabric for a previous block but then decided I didn’t like what I’d chosen to go with it so it felt good to use it in this block.  The red rose fabric is a Lecien print.


water whel and others 002


This block is called Water Wheel.  The blue fabric is a tiny piece left from an old pinny (50p at the car boot).


water whel and others 011


This is how the new blocks blend in with some of the other blocks.

I’ve now made just over 50 of these little mini blocks and although I love them all, the pink and red churn dash is still my favourite block (it was the first one I sewed).

We don’t live in a huge house so it’s pointless for me to make lots and lots of quilts (we just don’t have the storage space).  And although I think quilt ladders  are all very nice, they aren’t for me and if I’m honest, I prefer to see a quilt on a bed not a ladder).  I wanted to make a quilt  just for me, so I don’t mind how long this takes me to do (it’s already taken about a year to get this far  because I make the blocks as and when I’ve got the time)….



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