Early one morning…..

early one morning 009


Woke up super early this morning, partly I could hear Bernard mewing downstairs and so had to get up for any tummy rubbing that might be required….. ended up popping some clothes on and watering the plants as it was already hot and figured best to do it then.

Lots of little surprises in the garden this morning…….  first of all I was greeted by this stunning burst of colour at the top of the garden…. the flowers tend to be covered with a whole range of insects by mid morning.

One of our neighbours has a rose bush with bright pink roses, every so often the flowers trail over the fence and sit on top of the shrub, bright pink and yellow… it looks amazing.


early one morning 001


…. in amongst the “wild conservation section” (which is really just where I’ve  been too lazy and haven’t yet weeded) I noticed we’ve got a patch of marjoram grown up. It smells lovely and think that’ll be used at the weekend.


early one morning 005


There was also an abundance of Melissa (also known as Lemon Balm)… last year I planted some and it promptly died so I’m very happy to see it sprung up in several places (and in a completely different place to where I had planted some).  If it flowers then the bees will be very happy.  It smells so clean and fresh.  It makes a nice tea but it is best drunk in the evening as I find it makes me quite sleepy.


early one morning 012


Much excitement was felt after inspecting the strawberries.  I’m not sure which variety we’ve got but the blackbirds like them so we are on constant vigilance with them… (oddly the birds leave the little wild strawberries alone… they just go after the big boys)


early one morning 023


I was so pleased to see these fat poppets… hopefully they’ll go unnoticed by the blackbirds and we can eat them this evening (freshly picked strawberries all warm from the sunshine is the best..no, that would be raspberries but the strawberries come a very close second.  I always thought I didn’t like raspberries until I tried one straight off a bush.  It was so ripe and deep red and warm…. it was so wonderful.  Now I love them but not supermarket ones)


early one morning 017


The Geraniums have taken over …. these are such a lovely pink, the plants are getting a bit flopsy so will be trimming them down (believe it is called a Chelsea Chop) and then we’ll have more flowers in August.  The bees and butterflies love these.


early one morning 018


A cause for celebration…. we have an apple!  Our trees don’t have much fruit but each apple is treated with the greatest care and affection.  There were some smaller ones on the other trees but I thought this one looked the best so far.  It will end up being baked in a tart or wrapped in pastry as a fat dumpling.


early one morning 028


I love this patch in our garden….. in amongst the Phacelia, we’ve got  Wild Rocket, Marjarom, Melissa, Poppies… there is pretty much a constant hum of buzzing bees.  I’ve seen brightly coloured Damson Flies and larger Dragon Flies already and they all seem to spend a few minutes just resting on some of the taller plants.  I’ve even noticed a few cheeky blue tits gently pulling the tufts of fluffy Phacelia for their nest linings.

It’s nice and restful just sitting on the backstep with a cup of tea, just waiting for the rest of the day to slowly waken up.





4 thoughts on “Early one morning…..

    1. Thank you…. I love our garden in the Summer so much… we have a playground behind our house so it is often a bit noisy with children on swings… so those early hours when the days is still all sleepy and quiet is bliss.

    1. Sadly the pesky blackbirds decided to eat the strawberries before I could. They weren’t content with eating just one, they had a little nibble form all three of the big red ones. There was much fist shaking up at the blackbird sitting in the tree.

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