Cake Stands and Rolling Squares…….

mrs bryan and others 029


I’ve finished sewing a few more blocks for my Dear Ethel patchwork… I love seeing the blocks all close together although I’m planning to sew a skinny coloured strip of sashing around each block when I join it.  I think that will help define the blocks a bit better (and will also help me to increase the size of the patchwork… )


mrs bryan and others 021


Some more blocks for my Dear Ethel quilt….. this one is called Cake Stand, it’s a variation of a Bear Paw block.  I like the combination of bigger pieces with the smaller sized triangles.


mrs bryan and others 023


This block is called Chained Nine Patch.  I’ve used fabric from my eldest sister‘s hoard and some of a favourite Lecien floral print.  This was one of those “I wish I’d bought more of it” fabrics, though I’d been doo lally enough over it to buy it on two separate shopping trips.


mrs bryan and others 019


This block is called Rolling Squares, lots of fiddle-some and tiny pieced inch triangles and squares…. which sounds like a grumble but is just the sort of patchwork piecing that I love.  I’m not sure who the pink fabric is by, I bought a fat quarter of it in pink and in yellow and both times the details weren’t on the piece of fabric I’d bought home.  This is one of the reasons why I now try to keep track of fabrics purchased, putting a small sample into a notebook with name and range of the fabric.


mrs bryan and others 025


I love using orange and blue together, I think it always it looks so nice and bright, clean and fresh.  The blue fabric is from Sylvia.  I tried to make sure I kept the pattern of the “wicker” running in the right direction…. there was a little unpicking as a couple of pieces ended up being sewn in wrong.

The block is called Twin Star.

I’ve finished 48 mini sized blocks, so not yet even half way.  In another few weeks I”ll be getting ready to begin sewing Christmas items which feels completely awful to say as it’s really lovely and warm today, the sun is shining and the cat is stretched out sun bathing on the patio……it’s very odd sitting out on the back door step with a cup of tea and a sketchbook designing and sketching new things for Christmas.  If the weather turns and gets chilly again then blame it on me as I’ve been drawing hot water bottles!  (the thought of embroidering thick vintage wool fabric does make my heart sink a little… too warm too warm…..)

I’ve booked my first fair for Christmas already… Saturday November 1st at Holt in Norfolk.  It’s being arranged by my friend Ruth who has a lovely shop there called Glory Days.  Christmas Fairs are my favourite, the atmosphere is always lovely and everyone is full of smiles.








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