Two more stars for Ethel….

more blocks for ethel 028


A couple more star themed blocks for my Dear Ethel quilt.

This swirly green and gold fabric was from eldest sisters hoard.  I really liked how it looked with the bright pink.

The block is called “1941 9 Patch”….. the little triangles which make up the points at the tips of the stars are only an inch wide so more fiddly sewing…. but I figure if it’s going to be sewn by hand then why not chose fiddly, I certainly wouldn’t want to be piecing this small with a sewing machine).


more blocks for ethel 034


This block is called Square and Points, or Eight Point Star.  It’s a variation on a couple of blocks I sewed a few days ago.  It’s based on a four patch design.  It’s one of my favourite patchwork blocks (along with the Churn Dash block)

The bluey turquoise patterned fabric is from my friend Sylvia (who is 79 and is still sewing).


ethel and hexagons 011


This is a picture of the previous nine blocks I’ve made. I love how they look all grouped together but I think it’ll be a whole lot easier to sew them all together if I put a little sashing around each one.

I’d been estimating I would need to make about 100 of these blocks if I used sashing however, after laying out a row of the blocks I can see I’m going to need to make at least 122….. I’ve made about 40 odd blocks so far so still have a way to go before the blocks are finished.


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