Homeward bound…..

hexagons and ethel 002


Another fiddly tiny triangle block, this one is called Sawtooth Patchwork, it’s also known as Mrs Brown’s Choice…. all I can say is Mrs Brown had excellent taste!

The orangey fabric is from the Granny’s Treasures by Nancy Mahoney for P and B Textiles.  It’s a few years old so I’m not sure if it is still available.  The brown fabric is a Lecien one from the eldest sister’s hoard.


hexagons and ethel 004


This block uses a combination of some old favourites….I barely have any left of the red floral print… it was 50p for a fat quarter from a car boot and as it was purchased after I’d almost spent out, I only bought the one piece.  Have been kicking myself ever since as it works so well with other fabrics.  I’ve used it already a few times in some previous blocks.

The block itself is called Homeward Bound….. I’m figuring once the patchwork and the quilt are all finished I’ll always be wanting to be homeward bound (ready to snuggle underneath it)….. actually I think it’s a lovely name for a block for a quilt…. all warm and cosy sounding.


hexagon pincushion 2


As well as sewing the mini blocks, I’ve also been paper piecing together more hexagons, this time for pin cushions.  I’ve been able to use up small pieces of fabric from one of the many scrap boxes that fill my sewing room.


hexagon pincushions 1


After sewing the hexagons together into little clusters and removing the papers, I then sew a “joined hexagon” shape of wadding to the back.  This just gives a bit more weight to the fabric.  I save all my fabric scraps and any that are too small for patchwork, I cut them down really tiny and use them as stuffing.  I think this comes from watching my Nanny make cushions and draught excluders from all her old tights.  This makes an excellent stuffing for pin-cushions, sofa cushions, and toys.

I felt a bit like the Princess and the Pea last night, it was so chilly I had a continental quilt, the arpette’s quilt  and the granny’s paperweight blanket on the bed, and was using the cat as a hot water bottle.  (and if this quilt was finished I think I would have had that on the bed as well)

The weather has changed again and today it is lovely and sunny and warm… hoorah.  Anyone would think it is almost summer.




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