Star mini blocks for Dear Ethel……

ednas choice mini blocks 003


This mini block is a four patch block (all that means is that the block is divided by four….) most of the blocks I’ve made so far have been nine patch blocks which seem to suit the small block size I’m working with.  However, I love variations of this eight pointed star block and wanted to sew a few for my “Dear Ethel” quilt.

This block is generally called Evening Star.  It’s pretty much a basic eight point star design.

I used these fabrics together for one of the Churn Dash blocks for Ivo, and so thought I’d put them in together here as well (almost as a little reference for myself to Ivo’s Churn Dashing quilt)


ednas choice mini blocks 005


This block is a subtle variation on the top block…. it’s called Magic Cross Design.

The pink floral fabric was some from eldest sisters hoard (I used a piece of it in one of my Les Soeurs Anglais pieces) and the brown fabric was from lovely Sylvia who was 79 last  Thursday.  When I went to see her the other week she was still busy sewing ( a new lining in a straw shopping basket, and replacing a broken leather handle with a skinny belt bought from a Charity shop….. she never fails to amaze me)


I think this brings me up to 36 mini blocks so far….. if I use a small sashing around each block then I think I might be able to get away with making just 100 blocks (that would make the finished patchework about 6ft wide, and then I could widen it a bit more with a pieced border….. I really like making these little blocks so I’ll see if 100 is enough when I’ve made that many (they are quite addictive and being so small don’t use us very much fabric).


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