Churn Dash stash busting for Ivo

quilt blocks for ivo 2 018


I’ve sewn four more Churn Dash blocks for Ivo’s stash buster quilt…. I’m trying to use as many bright and colourful combinations as I can… colour rules are made to be broken!


quilt blocks for ivo 2 012


I really like the combination of a solid green mixed with the gold and green whirly gurly fabric.


quilt blocks for ivo 2 016


Yay… yellow and pink… most definitely my favourite colour combination when I’m patchwork piecing.  Time and again this pair crop up in my quilts.

The tiny central square is a piece of fabric left over from some sewing I did for my Nanny um a loooong time ago.  Not much left and it’s more precious to me than any Liberty tana lawn print.


quilt blocks for ivo 2 006


Hot pink and a hotter orange.  I like the tiny turquoise dots with yellow centres.  I love using orange with other colours…I’ve actually seen some orange shoes that I’ve sort of got my eye on… they’d look fantastic with tights this colour pink.


quilt blocks for ivo 2 014


A slightly cooler coloured block this time…. the background colour is a sort of teal/antique blue… very subtle and one of my favourite colours.  I used it quite a lot in the granny paperweight blanket I crocheted last year (and have still to finish)



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