a rainy bank holiday afternoon…..

rainy bank holiday 001



The Phacelia (thanks Bek) is still growing like crazy… after the wind and rain it’s now sprawled out over the paths between the raised beds.  It looks a bit scruffy and windswept but I love the blue with the green so much….. it’s the same soft intense shade as bluebells.  There’s a few Poppies which looked so pretty amongst the Phacelia before the rain washed their delicate petals away.


rainy bank holiday 004


It’s a Bank Holiday on Monday and we’ve got typical Bank Holiday weekend weather…. rain… and lots of it.  In between the showers, the sun tries to come out, and the bees appear from no-where.  This little fella was having the whale of a time, buzzing round the Phacelia.


rainy bank holiday 005


Under the apple trees the strawberries are starting to appear.  Tiny little red berries which are intense bursts of sweetness.


rainy bank holiday 006


In the Spring this was all primroses and cowslips, lovely and soft pale lemony yellow blossoms which looked so beautiful.


rainy bank holiday 008


However I’m very happy to see these tiny berries nestled amongst the greenery.


rainy bank holiday 009


We’ve got strawberries coming up everywhere… in little pots and in any cracks.  Seeing their flowers at the end of Spring makes me feel so happy…


rainy bank holiday 012


This fantastic display was from a sprung-up-all-by-itself little plant… it’s taken up residence on a very loose and wonky garden step so we have to do a giant seven league boot-esque leap over it (partly to avoid the wonky step and now to avoid the strawberry plant)…. it really catches the sun so I think that’s why there are so many tiny berries on it.


knitted tea cosy


I bought this gorgeous hand-knitted tea cosy from a charity shop in Bungay last week for the princely sum of £1.50.  The tiny embroidered flowers around the bottom go all the way around….and inside it has been lined with what looks like an old jumper (which is just a marvellous way to use up horrible old jumpers)   I’ve been using it to keep my pot of tea nice and warm…



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