Finishing the hexagon bunting….

hexagon bunting 2 002

I finished sewing together the hexagon bunting yesterday evening, and while the Arpette was pottering in another room, I precariously balanced myself standing on both the coffee table and my nana chair and hung the bunting up across the top of our front room window.   He hasn’t noticed the new addition yet so all is well (I suspect he feels I’m slowly turning his front room into his auntie Dolly’s front parlour)

When I originally made these I found that the hexagons weren’t hanging quite right, the binding needed something a bit more sturdy to be sewn to rather than just the top of the hexagon.  So I unpicked the top edge and inserted in a piece of cotton fabric (just a scrap of the curtain lining which I had used to piece the hexagon backs).  This needed to be folded double and then I turned the raw edge over before lightly sewing the seam.  Attach one side of the hexagon to the “tab” with a small whip stitch, and then turn over and join the second side.

hexagon bunting 2 005

Then I placed the “tab” of the hexagon in between the folded edge of the binding.

hexagon bunting 2 006

And pinned it in to position.

hexagon bunting 2 010

Using a really sharp and fine needle I stitched the seams of the binding closed.  I always call the stitch I do a whip stitch, but I think it is in fact more of a blind hem applique stitch.

hexagon bunting 2 011

I sewed the binding first to one side of the “tab” and then turned the hexagon over before sewing the other side down.   It is a bit fiddly and isn’t done in five minutes (two episodes of Inspector Morse is more like it) but I just thought it looked neater than sewing it closed on the sewing machine.

hexagon bunting 2 013

So finally I had a finished cluster of hexagon bunting…..  I just think these look so pretty and colourful.

hexagon bunting 2 015

The binding is extremely wonky, rather than cut a new piece of fabric I just folded over a long off cut I’d already got (I think it was originally the inside hem from an Ikea duvet cover), and just trimmed off the over locked edging.  After I’d got about half way I thought I could have used up some old vintage binding which is being hoarded for a rainy day.

hexagon bunting 2 018

And if I do make these again then I would sew the joined hexagons over a central “flower” shape of pelmet stiffener… just because the light really shines through the fabric which seems to highlight the patchwork pieces, making the patterns on the fabric harder to see.

hexagon bunting 2 019

I’ve just been standing in the front room admiring my handiwork and I’m thinking some hexagon bunting would also look very nice hanging in our bedroom…..


4 thoughts on “Finishing the hexagon bunting….

    1. Hi Esther… I’m a firm believer that everyone can sew… my best advice is don’t rush a project, always have a cup of tea and some biscuits at hand (in case something goes a bit wrong.) These hexagon buntings are pretty easy to make just a bit fiddly and somewhat time consuming… but you could make them while watching tv. I used a method called English Paper Piecing which is just wrapping fabric round paper and stitching it in place. If you can wrap a present… you can paper piece. Good luck xx

  1. Ooh, what a fabulous idea! I love making bunting and I love sewing hexies but never would have thought of combining the two – looks wonderful.

    1. The idea was originally my friend Sasha’s (she makes lovely toys…if you do a search on my blog for her you’ll see the big white rabbit wearing a fur coat which she swopped me for bunting)..she saw my hexagon clusters and said “wouldn’t it look lovely if you made bunting with these”….her ideas for things are always the best x

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