Stash busting for Ivo……..

a quilt for ivo 001


Recently my eldest sister had a big old clear out of fabric that she no longer needed or liked etc and as I am the type of girl who just can’t say no (be it to another slice of cake, does that cat in the street need a little fussing, or a bag of fabric needing a good home), she brought round four huge bags stuffed full to bursting of quilting cottons for me.

Normally I favour old style fabrics, flour sack prints and anything vintage… however when you make scrap quilts the more fabrics that are in there the better…


a quilt for ivo 006


It also happens that some of our friends have just had a new baby (as opposed to an old baby) and I wanted to make baby Ivo a little quilt.

I thought I would set myself the challenge of making a proper “stash buster”… and it’s even harder as I am only going to use fabrics from someone else’s stash…. (though I think I may have to use a little of the pink striped fabric from my nanny which now seems to end up in all my quilts)

I roughly drew out the quilt design and then played around with some paints, using clashing rather than complimentary colours for the Churn Dash’s.



a quilt for ivo 009


Then  I emptied out all the fabrics on the carpet and picked out enough fabrics so each Churn Dash will be made up of two separate fabrics and each block will be unique.


a quilt for ivo 011


I tried to pick out a mix of bright colours, prints, stripes, plains…… a few batiks as well.


a quilt for ivo 015


Then I began arranging the fabrics together, no strict or fast rules… whatever I thought looked best…


a quilt for ivo 017


I really liked the lime green plain with the pale pink gingham.


a quilt for ivo 022


These fabrics are much brighter and bolder than anything I normally use but it’s always good to try something new from time to time.  (says the girl who pieced these blocks together…)


a quilt for ivo 024


I’ve cut out a few Churn Dash blocks and I’m really pleased with how the colours really do make your eyes pop.  I’m sewing the blocks together by hand so the seams will be nice and soft….


a quilt for ivo 030


I wanted this to be a real rainbow riot of colour quilt…. it won’t be a massive quilt… not even crib sized.  Just big enough to cover Ivo while he is taking a nap, and will be something squidgy and soft for him to cuddle up and suck his thumb with… a proper “la la quilt”.


a quilt for ivo 027


Each block is 6 inches (well 6 and a half with the seam allowance) so they are the size of the  mini blocks I was sewing last year for my Dear Jane inspired quilt .

I’m thinking to make maybe twelve little blocks in all and to use white sashing between the blocks to really highlight the colours used.

I think this is my favourite one so far.


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