Quiet moments in the morning….

walking to waitrose 001


Most mornings if it isn’t raining, I try to spend a few quiet minutes to myself out in the garden…..  if there has been a heavy dew then everything glistens with tiny drops of water.


walking to waitrose 003


A few years ago I grew some strawberries and they’ve sprung out new shoots everywhere…. in amongst the gravel we’ve got alpine strawberries growing with wild abandon…. Bernard likes to investigate them as they often have little ladybirds on the leaves.


walking to waitrose 006


Along with the strawberries we have forget-me-knots growing along the steps and in nooks and crannies which seem much prettier covered with tiny blue flowers.


walking to waitrose 008


The strawberries have even sprung out between the cracks in the patio paving…..I remove most of them as it’d be like a strawberry jungle in no time at all, but I leave a few as the bees like them, and seeing the strawberries ripen always make me smile…..


walking to waitrose 010


I’m really not sure what it is we’ve got growing in the raised beds…. it’s a type of green compost.  It looks so beautiful in the morning sunlight.  We’ll need to chop it down soon as we want to get some vegetables planted, but for the moment it looks lovely and once the sun has been on it the it soon gets covered with butterflies and bees.


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