Piecing more patchwork plates…..

plates...may 002


I’ve finished sewing up a few more of the dresden plate blocks,  I’ve got about 19 sewn together now and am still umming and ahhing about how I’m going to lay them out…. however I arrange them will really change how the quilt will look.


plates...may 004


I’ve cut out pieces for 25 plates and before I sew any more full plates together I really need to work out how I’m going to arrange the blocks.

I’m leaning towards alternate rows of even and odd numbers, with half plates at the side…. although I’ve seen some older quilts where there is sashing between the blocks and around the borders , making the finished quilt look a little bit more like a sampler quilt.   There are always so many choices with quilts…

And I still haven’t properly decided what I’m going to do for the centres…. I kind of like Suffolk Puffs (being a Suffolk girl myself) think I’m going to need a bit of a play around to decide what works best.  Making up my own quilts (especially making them up as I go along) is one of my favourite parts of quilting.  And at least if something is hand-sewn it’s way more easy to unpick a part you’re not happy with…..


plates...may 006


I’m enjoying mixing up fabrics that I’ve had for ages along with some from my sisters stash she recently gave me…. there was some Lecien fabric (think it is one of the Minny Miu collections) which was almost too cute for words….. it was brown with tiny tiny white dots and little honey bees)

On overcast days these patchwork plates are so nice to piece together.  They make me feel like Summer really is just around the corner,which it is, but the weather keeps going gloomy and overcast so it’s very easy to forget which month we’re mow supposed to be in.

The more I see these plates displayed like this the more I’d like to make up a whole load in different sizes to display on one of our walls…. not sure that the Arpette would really go for that though..

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