Inspired by Nanny Mcphee …….

new scarf 001

With the change in the weather again (most definitely chilly again) …. I’ve been getting on with crocheting the Nanny McPhee inspired scarf.   The bag of tapestry wool just gets emptied out on the sewing table or on the sofa (much to Bernard’s delight.

I’m enjoying just making and joining as I go along, though I know I need to stop and sort those tails out before they get too many.

new scarf 006

I’m making little squares, joining them up into groups and then joining them onto the main scarf.

It’s 8 squares long so far and is already quite heavy.  Wool weighs heavier than acrylic yarn but I prefer to use it, it’s warmer for a start and I like the wider array of colours available when using the tapestry wool.

I think I’m going to need it to be about 32 squares long, and will probably make groups of six, eight and nine squares and then just join those blocks of colour in.  More to be able to keep this a portable project (something I can stick into my handbag if I’m taking a bus)  but also to help with the weight.

new scarf 007

It’s going to be quite a wide scarf, already the squares are about 6 1/2 inches, and I’ll probably crochet round a tiny border to neaten the edges off….. I was debating with myself whether to just have it two squares wide but I like the mix of colours with the three squares so much …… and I just think there’s nothing worse than a too skinny scarf because then you end up with a cold neck… I think with this scarf I’d be warm at the north pole!

new scarf 008

Regarding colours… each square is made up of three colours but two of them are more changes in tone or brightness…. so yellow, deep purple, lavender…….pale pink, apple, pine.  I figure that the scarf is going to be pretty bright when it is finished, and although I wanted it to be quite random, I thought a little bit of order was required.

As I’ve gotten older I want more colour in my wardrobe and home.  For years and years I dressed almost in black and now it’s always a last option… anything but most days.  I think this scarf will go with just about any colour… and if it clashes… well so much the better!

new scarf 010

I really am not looking forward to sewing the ends in… once I start it’s not so bad,  it’s just the starting… “it’s always the chore that gets put off longest which takes the most time” or something along those lines…. think I’ll just save them up for a wet and rainy weekend (hoorah for the British summer!!)

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