Crocheting a scarf whilest on a day trip to Holt…..

Holt 016


A couple of weeks ago I bought this huge pile of tapestry yarns from a local charity shop (it was such a bargain, £6 the lot and when I got them all home and counted them, there was just over 120 different skeins, most of which looked unused) …. since then I’ve been thinking about what to use them for and because I’d been looking at some pictures of the lovely blankets and quilts in the film Nanny McPhee (which has possibly the nicest blankets in a film ever)… I decided to make a scarf inspired by those colourful blankets.

As I had a rather long bus journey on Friday (a day trip to Holt to see my friend Ruth who has just opened a shop there), I thought this would be the perfect time to begin yet another new project….because obviously I need another one of those… I’ve already got another crochet scarf part made (maybe a quarter of the way through), I’m still sewing the never ending tails of the granny’s paperweight blanket, piecing  the dresden plate quilt,  drafting the mini block quilt and I still need to baste and quilt the little square patchwork…… but, none of those can be made on the bus, and I don’t really like reading on bus journeys as it makes me feel a bit queasy (I’ve  found crocheting and knitting on the bus really good for calming travel sickness) so felt that some colourful crocheting was the perfect solution.


Holt 019


I had a good idea of how I wanted the scarf to be, pretty much the same granny square pattern as my green and blue scarf, but this time I wanted it to be a riot of colour, clashing combinations….. a real head turner.  And, although I don’t mind joining squares together too much, I thought using the join-as-you-go method would help me add some semblance of order to where the colours are placed.

I’d used this technique when I was joining the pieces of the grannys paperweight blanket… it’s a bit weird and fiddly at first but it’s fantastic for joining hexagons.  And I think as long as you have a cup of tea, and have some biscuits or a Werthers Original at hand… then a few deep breathes and anything is possible.

I started off making squares of only two rounds, using a 4mm hook, and joining them together in the second round.  I was really happy with the colours but after just four squares I knew this was not looking to be the scarf of my dreams…..

So down tools… open a sweetie…. another rumpage in the wool stash and use a smaller hook…..


Holt 021


I decided to make the finished square a little bigger, so crocheted them into rounds of three, and three being the magic number, used a 3 mm crochet hook…..  much better.

The squares that weren’t right can easily be unravelled and crocheted up again into larger squares.  I’m not really sure how many squares I’m going to need (I really do like a long scarf… not quite as long as Dr Who but enough to wrap round a few times and tie in a jaunty Romeo Gigli-esque knot).


I think I got on one of those super slow buses (the sort that stop at every little village on the route) because the journey was very long …. however arrived in Holt and it was pouring down with rain so not a lot of standing around enjoying the sites or shops… (Holt is a very pretty market town in North Norfolk with lots of lovely antiquey shops…. I had  a field day when I visited a couple of years ago with my friend Anne “queen of knitting” ), just had time to stick my head into the door of a couple of charity shops and then found my friend Ruth’s new shop… be honest Holt is a bit of a rabbit warren, lots of tiny lanes with independent shops, and courtyards with even more shops… I managed to get rather lost.  However, I finally found Glory Days.


Holt 010



Glory Days can be found at number 5 Franklins Yard, tucked in just off Bull Street.

Walking through the door you kind of have to step back as your eyes don’t know where to look first.  Everywhere it’s colour colour colour.  Items are displayed on brightly coloured vintage dressers……parrot lamps, bunny night lights, busty ladies displaying papers for cupcakes, pretty lunch boxes, paper lampshades, stacking bowls, bright red battery radios, dachshund dog money boxes, deck chairs, kitchen wall clocks, retro inspired alarm clocks hammocks, bright pink bunny watering cans, huge parasols, lovely hooks for coats or bags, tiny little sets of crayons and colouring pencils…(phew… I feel like I’ve just played The Generation Game).. I think every pocket size is catered for.

Ruth is also stocking a small range of toys made by Sasha, so if you can’t find her at a craft fair then this is a great opportunity to find her amazing creatures (each one is hand made and really one of a kind so it’s going to be a case of buy them when you see them).

Ruth used to have a shop in Norwich (which was also called Glory Days) and I often used to pop in on a Wednesday for cups of tea and a good gossip.  I’d bring in my sewing and sit and do that while Ruth served her customers.  I even ran a couple of patchwork classes from the back of her little shop… Glory Days has been much missed in Norwich but I’m sure it will be a welcome addition to Holt.

I bought the set of bowls with the the lovely floral lids as I thought they would be perfect for any leftovers that need popping in the fridge.


Holt 006


Along with the new items and some hand crafted things, Ruth has a few cheerful antiquey items dotted around her shop, carefully selected teacups and saucers, the odd teapot, Staffordshire statue (she had a gorgeous figurine vase when I was there).

She’d wrapped up this gorgeous boy for me as a gift as I collect Staffordshire dogs…. I hope I’ve sneaked him in so “no-one”will notice there is yet another dog on the window sill.

(everything gets beautifully wrapped in lots of coloured tissue paper so no chance of anything getting broken)

Glory Days doesn’t have a website yet but I think that is just a matter of time.






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