….and into the woods (an evening walk part two)

an evening walk 016


As I mentioned earlier, there was a special reason we’d been biding our time for when we went for this walk……  quite near to where we live, there are some small woods and at this time of year they are transformed…..


an evening walk 017


At the edge of the wood there are still the last remnants left of Autumn and Winter, dried leaves underfoot…… everything is brown and green…. and then…


an evening walk 018


…. and then your eyes see a haze of blue!


an evening walk 021


Looking down the bluebells are everywhere….. they just suddenly appear and it’s a whole new world.


an evening walk 023


They just looked glorious…. and I was left speechless (which for anyone who knows me…. that is quite a feat!!)


an evening walk 025


For as far as the eye can see… great banks of bluebells…… they smelt amazing.  Really heady and intoxicating.


an evening walk 025(1)


I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a magnificent display….. and they really do creep up on you.  I was all ready to have a little a grumble “hmmm maybe we’ve missed them”…. but turning the corner and then there they were.


an evening walk 026


And each turn of the path just revealed more and more…..  we saw a few people out for a stroll like ourselves and a couple of dog walkers…. everyone was smiling and looking around them because this just looked such a treat.


an evening walk 027


Just beautiful blue …….it gets so your eyes feel all funny as the blue is quite intense… and then there is the scent….


an evening walk 032


We walked back a slightly different way, just meandering along the river bank, we saw more birds…. ducks with a brood of furiously paddling ducklings, a little moorhen and a heron.  And no-end of rabbits.  Some ran right across our path (a very happy spaniel with a big stick suddenly appeared which explained the rabbits)…. but then we saw more in the fields, some were stretched out, just lazing around but most seemed intent on eating their supper.

Best treat was walking alongside some paddocks with ponies and donkeys…… donkeys are easily one of my favourite animals so seeing them always makes me happy.





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