Dresden plate planning….. or playing around with fabric again

dresden plates 005


After a week of cutting out papers, and fabrics, then sewing the fabric around the paper shapes, I’ve finally got enough paper and fabric segments (I think) to finish making all the plates….  I figured I needed to stop making the plates  individually (as I just want to keep using my favourite fabrics all the time), and arrange the pieces before joining them together.


dresden plates 006


I’ve already sewn 9 plates together and I think I need 25 in total (I’m still a bit undecided about this but know I need at least this many)……..  after sewing the fabric pieces around the papers I just tipped out all the single segments into the middle of my work table, then spread them out a little to start playing around with which fabrics work well together.  This isn’t always about what looks most complimentary but more about what looks good or striking together.  Pink and yellow isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it is a combination I love and will happily wear.


dresden plates 009


As always when I’m working with scraps and favourite fabrics, I’m constantly remembering where particular fabrics have been sourced…. the above block contains 4 fabrics that my sister gave me when she had a huge sort out of fabric, a pretty floral green fabric that I want to use for a dress (currently designing that)… and a beautiful Lecien fabric that has tiny baby animals on it (this was the only fabric that I have bought a crazy amount of, half metres in cream, blue and pink….. probably my favourite fabric ever…. after the babbity rabbity fabric)…..


dresden plates 012


Sewing the fabric around the papers was a bit of a chore, but while I’m still at this stage it allows my mind to wander off and to think about how I want the quilt to look… from the layout of the plates to the pattern of the quilting……  the pink paisley fabric was from the best fabric bargain ever… a huge cotton quilt that I bought from a jumble sale for about £1.00.  One side was paisley and the other was the same strawberry ice-cream pink but with tiny raspberry pink polka dots.  I’ve used it in numerous quilts and have also used it to make two super sweet little dresses for one of our nieces.


dresden plates 013


The green fabric was a piece left over from one of the first quilts I ever made (a huge sampler quilt in various shades of purple and green……. in my head purple and green worked so well…. it does in nature….. probably not a combination I would use again as the colour base for a quilt)

My beloved babbity rabbity fabric can be seen in a top segment.


dresden plates 016


More yellow and pink……..the tiny purple print between the red gingham and the pink fabric was from a beautifully hand sewn dolls dress.  The dress was all torn but was big enough to be able to trim off the hems and use the fabric.  I liked it because the print was so tiny.


dresden plates 017


Even more pink and yellow… though I’ve tried to use different yellow and pink fabric (the stripy pink fabric is a precious piece left over from when I made my nanny’s bedsheets smaller…. there isn’t much left now of this but I try to use a small piece in each quilt I make… I think I’ll be heart broken when it has all been used)


dresden plates 019


Actually looking at these pictures I can see that I almost put the pink and yellow together yet again…….  I really liked the peachy coral coloured fabric which is at nine o’clock (if the above plate was a clock)….. really wish I’d bought more of this fabric as I think it would have looked great as a blouse.


dresden plates 038


I’ve used some brilliant little grips from Clover to hold the plate sections together…. these are also good for holding two pieces together when you are whip stitching the fabric together….(the thin card I used for the templates is a bit stiff really for pins to go through easily)….. these are now all ready to squeeze into an already-full-of-other-sewing-I-need-to-get-on-with work basket…….

2 thoughts on “Dresden plate planning….. or playing around with fabric again

  1. These look great. I’ve got to make some mini-dresden plates for a project I’m doing… might need some sisterly advice for that!! And do you fancy some more scraps?? (Not as many as last time – I promise!!) … but batiks??

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