dresden plate patchwork

dresden plate 002


One of my favourite patchwork patterns is the dresden plate block.  There are a few variations around but I think my favourite is the one with the rounded top.  It’s such a cheery smile inducing patchwork, and when made from vintage themed fabric looks beautiful and homey.


dresden plate 003


Sewing the pieces together is a bit fiddly but I think it is well worth the effort in making.  It’s good for using up small scraps of fabric (the pieces in the above patchwork are sewn from pieces about four and a half by two and a half inches) and if you make your own clothes, then those odd shapes of fabric are ideal for this.


dresden plate 006


I originally made these templates a couple of years ago but then stored the papers and fabric away and pretty much forgot about them.  I re-found them again a few weeks ago and have spent the last two days sewing them up into circles (or plates)….


dresden plate 008


I’ve not sewn the fabric to the papers but instead fitted the fabric tightly around the corners so the papers can be easily popped out when I’m sewing them into place.  Leaving the papers in when sewing really helps to keep the shape at the top nicely curved.


dresden plate 010


I’ve sewn three circles so far…. each one is about eight and a half inches wide.  I’m not really sure whether to make 16 or 25 in total,  I’m thinking of using them to make a small quilt for the back of our sofa, near to hand if it gets a bit chilly in the evenings (and no doubt ready for Bernard to curl up and sleep on).

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