Jigsaw patchwork…..

babbity rabbity 006


I’ve been sewing and embroidering jigsaw puzzle shaped pieces for Les Soeurs Anglais…. they are running a competition (deadline is the 10th April) which I think sounds totally brilliant.  All the pieces received will be sewn into a quilt to raise funds for a childrens charity.  You can enter more than once and by doing so you know your endeavours are going to a good cause.

This lovely pink floral fabric was from the massive stash that my sister gave me over  the weekend.  (seriously there’s so much fabric I could probably open a fabric shop)

I’ve chosen to do the embroidery using a stem stitch as I find that suits my hand writing more than a back stitch.


babbity rabbity 008


I love this quote by Maya Angelo…. it’s so inspiring.

I’ve chosen to keep the patchwork shape very simple, no embellishments…. I know these are being sewn together for a quilt and I figure too much applique will get in the way of any quilting.


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