babbity rabbity fabric….

babbity rabbity 010


My eldest sister came round today with lots of  bags stuffed full of fabric  (she’s having a super big clear out in her sewing room)….. I haven’t had a proper chance to have a good rummage through,  however,  sitting near the top of one bag was a fair sized amount of this fantastic babbity rabbity fabric.  (I’m calling it babbity rabbity though there is no fabric info on the selvedge) …..


babbity rabbity 011


These photos make it look like it has a white background but in fact it’s a very pretty pale green.  There’s quite a lot of it, possibly enough for a jaunty 30’s style blouse with a peter pan collar, and little fabric covered buttons.  The bunnies are just over 1 1/4 inches long and every time I look at them I find myself smiling…..  the colours are gorgeous and definitely have a nice vintagey vibe.


babbity rabbity 012


I just love this fabric…. I’ve pinned a piece up above my sewing table so I can keep looking at it.

If there is enough fabric, I think  it will make a perfect blouse for Easter.



One thought on “babbity rabbity fabric….

  1. Looking forward to seeing a creation with the babbity rabbity fabric…and I hope your Arpette isn’t too cross with me for bringing you a bag or two of “scraps” to play with … 😉

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