Brooches in bloom…..

in bloom 003


Over the weekend I finished sewing together the posy brooches I’ve been working on.  I still need to sew the felt backings and brooch pins and then they can be sent off.  At the mo the posies are quite open but once the backing felt is sewn into place they become more podgy and less splayed.  It’s quite exciting to think these are going off to somewhere so far away.


in bloom 006


Normally when I make these brooches each brooch is pretty much unique, if some are made with the same colour groupings of blossoms it’s more by accident than design.  So, it’s been a slightly different way of working making these brooches.  Firstly deciding on the right colours, trying to match the Jamiesons wool with tapestry wool I can no longer get (oh Elsa Williams you were the nicest tapestry wool to work with), and then making multiples of them.  However each one is still unique, slight variations when one petal nudges over another… I think this is part and parcel of the charm of handmade.


in bloom 008


As I was finishing each brooch I started arranging them on my table like they were little flowers in a flower garden and it made me think of the Nursery Rhyme  “Mary Mary, quite contrary… how does your garden grow”….  it’s a long way away from our garden where we fit in plants where we have room in our raised beds rather than worrying too much about straight and tidy lines.

Many years ago I dressed up as Mary Mary for a village celebration (it was the Queen’s silver Jubilee and all the village children dressed up as Nursery Rhyme characters)…. I had a long party dress (it was the seventies and long party dresses were very much the thing), with a home-made mop hat.  Pinned to my dress were a couple of packets of seed and I had a little watering can with a small fork and trowel inside.  One of my younger sister’s was dressed as Little Miss Muffet and she had this really horrible jumpy spider attached to her dress which used to make us all shriek as it had a squeezy thing attached which made it jump right up at you.  I haven’t thought about that day for years but arranging the brooches into orderly little rows made it all come flooding back.


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