Early morning sunshine…….



Getting up early in the spring and summer I get to enjoy the flood of morning sunlight that fills my studio work table.  I love the shadows and light cast over the table and the mess I’ve left from the day before….


studio table march 002


When I’ve got a lot on I tend to be a bit of a messy worker, it’s much better now I have a separate room to work in, but for years I’d leave a messy pile of wool and fabric, empty cups, sketchbooks and the like in a big circle on the carpet, with a small gap in the middle where I would have been sitting.

The table is covered with small piles of Jamieson’s wool as I’m crocheting little flower blossoms and leaves for brooches.  When I’ve sewn them together I trim all the tiny woolly ends and put them to one side as I save the snippets of wool and fabric for stuffing (pin cushions, toys etc)….




There is also a small stack of dresden plate patchwork pieces I’m using to embellish the patchwork pieces I’m sewing for the Les Soeurs Anglais competition (if you haven’t entered yet there’s still a little time)….

The postcard tucked at the back is one of my favourite pictures, it’s a photograph by the late Steve Lovi…. and it’s some twenty odd years old,  wherever I live it’s blue-tacked or pinned to a wall.




I like this time of the day best of all, the house is quiet and the light is perfect.  As much as I love huddling down in the winter, piling the bed up with blankets and quilts, curling up in a chair with a book and a woolly cardigan, eating piping hot puddings and casseroles with dumplings……. spring and summer mornings never fail to lift my heart


4 thoughts on “Early morning sunshine…….

  1. Erika your flower brooches look so pretty. I am a messy crafter too and need to work in a light filled area. I wish I had my own craft room instead of having to share. One day my wish will be granted. Have alovely weekend Linny

    1. Your comments are always so lovely. That early morning light makes such a big difference, the colours are much clearer and it is easier to judge which colours compliment each other better….. sadly I still mange to drop pins all over the house!

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