Brooches and buttons and cigarettes…..

brooches and buttons 001(1)


I’m in the middle of finishing off the little posy brooches that I was commissioned to crochet for a shop across the pond.  I’ve made them in an exclusive colour-way so these are unique to the shop they are going to.

The slightly larger flower posy is based on a brooch I designed some years ago but have re-made them especially for such a very special commission.  Together we’ve put our heads together (via numerous emails) and they now sport a new special little detail.  None of the above brooches will be available in my Folksy shop but only from a shop overseas… (more about that exciting news another day though)


brooches and buttons 005


I’ve been trying to match wool to these lovely old buttons I bought recently (they are the most softest pink with a slight orangey glow….. I’m not sure what I’ll use these for (I do try to use things rather than just hoard them up though sometimes it is hard to crack open a new/old packet of buttons) but I loved the colour so much and they were only 50p so I couldn’t really resist them.  They are slightly lighter than the orangey flowers in the top picture….  it’s a really vintagey colour and not one that you tend to see used so much today.


brooches and buttons 008


Last week when I was galavanting around the city with one of my nieces, we popped into one of the many antique centres that have sprung up over the past few years in Norwich, and I bought these lovely old coloured pins.  All super duper sharp, and mostly they have glass bead heads…they were really cheap and I know I’ll be giving them a good home so they went in to the shopping basket.


brooches and buttons 009


And my best buy were these packs of needles…. £2.00 the lot.  The Blue Dorcas brand is incredibly sharp (have managed to stick a needle eye through my finger), and they are so pretty.  They match those lovely little blue tins of pins that every nanny used to have in her sewing box

It made me laugh to buy the Embassy pack as there is a brand of cigarette (or there used to be) called Embassy which was a brand I smoked when I was a teenager.  It’s been many many years since I bought a packet of “Embassy”….Yesterday was my 14 year anniversary that I have been a non smoker.  I used to be a proper fag ash Lil, much to my family’s total and utter horror as none of them smoked…. I’m not sure why I even started, maybe it was part of my teenage rebellion, and I thought  it was cool, and certainly when I was at Art and then Fashion school most of us puffed away at break times… now I shudder when I think how young I was, not sure if I stunted my growth as I’m the tallest of me and my sisters.  I hate seeing or smelling smoking now, the smell makes me feel really sick, it makes me cough and wheeze like an old man.  I know some ex-smokers love the smell of smoke, and will gather around a smoker, sniffing in all the cigarette smoke, but for me it was pretty much over night that I stopped ( I had a horrid chest infection and when I tried to have my morning cigarette I just couldn’t breathe) but once I stopped, that was it, no secret puffs of a friends cigarette, it really was cold turkey… maybe cold tofu as I’m a veggie….. and whenever I then smelt smoke, my lungs would just seize up and I’d start coughing away.  Anyway, I’m really proud of myself that I stopped (I know I was pretty stupid to start in the first place) but I wanted to say a little  “yay me” and also “yay you” if you are a smoker who has stopped any-time lately.


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