The marvelously talented Beth Morrison….

When I first started selling at craft fairs I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with the super lovely and incredibly talented  Beth Morrison, who is quite simply one of the nicest people you are ever likely  to say “hello” to.  She’s become one of my favourite artists and over the past few years I have built up a little collection of her work.

beth 014

She writes and draws the adventures of Albert who is better known as Squirrel Boy for the children’s magazine Okido.   My favourite episode was when Albert ate so many baked beans he had really bad wind and managed to fart himself up a tree.

beth 003

Beth also makes fantastic painted cloth dolls.  This is one that she made of me… sadly I don’t normally look so glamorous.  These really have to be seen to be believed, they are made from cloth which she stuffs and then paints. (I think that is the way she does them….)  and if I’ve had more than one glass of wine then my feet really do turn up like this!

beth 005

Another piece she made me was this gorgeous mermaid sitting under a full moon.  Beth uses old photos as a starting point before drawing and painting her illustrations.  When she gave me this she said “it’s not a real mermaid, just based on a woman dressed up as one”…. just in case there were any doubts.  She looks like she wants a tub of whelks or cockles…. and maybe a swig of rum.  I love her.

bernard busy day 002

Probably my favourite picture is a piece I commissioned a few years ago for the Arpette’s birthday…. he believed Bernard was a lazy old cat and that he slept his whole day away but I liked to think he was actually busy doing all his little chores which explained why he is always fast asleep when we get home.  Beth captured Bernard’s jam packed day perfectly…. doing the dusting with his bushy tail, washing up (licking the plates), tidying up the mess under the apple trees that the blackbird makes…….

beth 009

I’ve also got a fantastic array of painted wooden brooches that she has made…

beth 011

….the cat brooches are my favourite especially the one with the fuzzy wool bow tie.












I love the childlike simplicity of Beth’s work which always shows the absolute love of the subject and the sheer happiness of drawing and painting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her work and felt miserable.

As well as featuring in Okido magazine, she also has an online shop.

Her work also appears in the Girls who Draw series of postcard books.


She is married to the equally awesome Toby Winterbourne who is one of the artists featured in this years Norfolk Open Studios


We commissioned this amazing door knocker from him last year….. it’s all hand forged and is really heavy.  It’s beautifully made and everyone admires it.

He also makes the most wonderful super tall sculptures based on wild flowers… I’d love some of these for our garden but think Bernard would have an absolute field day and climb up them.







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