Easy peasy crochet hook wrap….

crochet wrap 004


One of the things I love about sewing is all the kit and kaboodle that you need (the bits that help to make sewing so enjoyable)…. on the other hand, for crocheting, you can pretty much get away with just a hook….. however, I would never be someone that just buys the one hook.  I like having a good old selection of sizes and I find the best way to keep them tidy and together is in a simple wrap.


crochet wrap 009


I’ve got two wraps which I keep my favourite hooks in, although they are slightly different shapes they are made in the same way and are super easy to make.


crochet wrap 002


I’m very pleased because one of my nieces has just learnt to crochet (I’m so proud of her) and she’s got a very nice set of crochet hooks so I offered to make her a wrap to keep them all in.  She likes the Moomins  so I thought I’d use a piece of Moomin fabric that I had tucked away.  My eldest sister  asked me how I had made my crochet hook wraps so thought I’d show how I make one as a little tutorial.

What you need

Selection of fabric

Basic sewing kit…scissors, pins, thread, needles

Ruler  (or a fancy gridded measuring square )


Blue pen which washes out with a dad of water

Ribbon or tape to tie the wrap up

How to make a crochet hook wrap

Firstly you need to measure your crochet hooks.  The ones that my niece has are about 5 1/2 inches long.


crochet wrap 011


Cut 2 pieces of fabric, these need to be the same size.  This will be the front pocket that the crochet hooks fit behind.  I’ve cut my fabric 4 1/4 inches high.  This gives a 1/4 inch seam allowance at the top, a half inch allowance at the bottom, and 3 1/2 inches of fabric for the hooks to sit behind.  If you have the longer brittany hooks then you will need to cut your  fabric deeper.

The length of the fabric is about 12 1/2 inches. (this will fit 14 hooks in all but you can make it shorter or even longer if you are making this for colouring pencils)

You can just fold a piece of fabric in half, but as the back of the fabric isn’t on show I prefer to use  a not so fancy plain fabric (it is also a good way to use up any yucky fabric you might have or old curtain lining fabric)


crochet wrap 013


Turn the fabric so the wrong sides are facing out, and draw a 1/4 inch seam allowance along the top of the fabric.  Pin the two pieces together and sew along this line.


crochet wrap 015


Fold over so that the right sides are facing out and press the seam.

Measure and using a blue pen that washes out, draw the lines for the pockets where your hooks will fit.  I generally measure 7/8 or 1 whole inch as an allowance.  (For this wrap I measured 10 x 7/8s of an inch, and then two 1 inch pockets either side.  This left a gap of about half an inch either side of the outside blue line.)


crochet wrap 022


Lay the lined pocket front on to the main lining piece of fabric.  Pin into place.

The main lining of the fabric needs to be deep enough to fold down over the hooks and then cover the pocket front by about 2 inches.


crochet wrap 027


The pocket front is 4 inches, allow 3 inches for the hook length (this also allows for a little extra wiggle room)  another 3 inches for the fabric to now fold over the hooks and 2 inches to cover the pocket front.

4 plus 3 plus 3 plus 2 equals 12 inches.

Sew along the blue lines.  Sew from the bottom up.  Stop exactly at the top of the blue line, pull the thread through the needle a little and then cut off with a tail of about 3 inches.   Stitch your top threads through the fabric by hand with a fine needle and tie them off behind.  This does take a little time but it makes for a much neater finished project.

Your pocket front is now sewn to the main lining fabric.  At the moment your hooks will slide all the way through as the bottom seam has not yet been sewn.


crochet wrap 028


Cut the fabric for the outside of your crochet hook case.  You can either cut one big piece of fabric or sew two or more pieces together.  It needs to be the same size as the lining.  (In this case 12 1/2 inches by 12 inches)  I didn’t have enough Moomin fabric to make the whole cover out of it so joined it to a piece of the grey fabric.   If you are joining fabric don’t forget to press your fabric seams together and top stitch them so they don’t move about.


crochet wrap 034


Lay the lining fabric and the main fabric together, right sides facing together.  Draw your seam allowance.  I’ve allowed 1/2 an inch all around.  Gently curve your top two corners.  Pin the fabric together, leaving a gap at the top where you will turn your fabric out through (I’ve left a 6 inch gap)


crochet wrap 035


Before you sew the two pieces together, tuck in a piece of ribbon that you will use to keep your wrap closed.  Lay it horizontally between the two pieces of fabric about 3 to 4 inches up from the bottom.  (It needs to go around all the layers of fabric when they are folded over each other so check before sewing it is in the right position for your wrap)  Only about 1/2 an inch needs to peep out when you are sewing.

You might find it easier to use a ribbon that is a solid colour right through the ribbon, if it is only coloured one side then you need to fold the ribbon so that the two right sides are facing each other and the plain side is facing up  (not like I have shown in the picture above because,  yep, I sewed mine wrong so I had to unpick it!!)

Also leave enough ribbon to tie in up in a bow or at least wrap round a few times , each side needs to be about 12 inches.


crochet wrap 037


Sew around your seam allowance .  Trim the sides and corners slightly, and then turn the right sides out.  You may need to nudge the corners out a little with a slightly blunt pointy thing (I use a chop stick).  Press flat.  Then pin the open edge closed and carefully sew together.


crochet wrap 040


Fold the top piece of fabric over so it covers the pocket section about 2 inches.  Press again and then pin the top edge.  Top stitch so the flap stays in place.  Sew in the loose ends from either side hiding them carefully in the thickness of the fabrics.


crochet wrap 042


Your crochet hook wrap is all ready to be filled with crochet hooks.

The same technique is used for making a wrap for knitting needles, pens, pencils etc…..


crochet wrap 044


These roll up nice and neatly and help to keep your crochet hooks all together in one place.

I’m thinking a really long one would look fantastic stretched out on the floor all filled with colouring pencils and felt tips.


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