Spring posy giveaway…….

Once again I’m in a mad panic,  busy sewing and crocheting, trying to get things finished and pack everything all ready to take to the Post Winter Fair at Clutter City which is on Saturday 15th March.


mothers day giveaway 002


In between making brooch samples for the best commission ever, I’m playing around with some new colours and ideas in my work.  (Basically getting very distracted by finding a new bag of old tapestry wool that was hidden at the back of a cupboard)

Gazing out of my window there are signs of Spring everywhere, and looking down at my work table I can see what I’m sewing has been influenced by what is happening out in the garden, and in the lane behind our home.  Walking to the local shops I’m seeing tiny clusters of the most beautiful and intense smelling violets.


mothers day giveaway 013


Tiny blossoms, little posies, fat bees……scents and sounds of Spring make me feel like a sleeping bulb, waking and stretching, responding to the warmer weather.  This is what I try to imagine when I am doing my morning exercises…. sewing and crocheting all day means I have exceptionally toned and trim fingers… sadly it cannot be said of the rest of me!!


mothers day giveaway 009


In just over a week it is the first official day of Spring, though it seems to arrived truly early here this year, and at the end of March in the UK it’s Mother’s Day,  to celebrate these events I’m doing my second blog giveaway.


flower brooch 21


For the chance to win a spring posy brooch either for yourself or for someone you love, please leave a comment below saying what you love about Spring or you can just say Hi!

This give-away closes on 16th March, and I will announce the winner on Monday March 17th.

This give-away is open to anyone, so please do feel free to leave a comment xx

This give-away is now closed

10 thoughts on “Spring posy giveaway…….

  1. What I Love about Spring is more light 🙂

    Just a little note of appreciation, too, to say that I always look forward to seeing your creations on your blog. I love your aesthetic!

  2. Hello Lisa! I lvoe spring because it’s green, smells of grass and when it comes, it means NO MORE SNOW! And right now we have way too much in Norway:-(

  3. Hi Erika. I really love your posies. They are very vintage looking. I love how in spring the sun comes back and the days are blue once again. Here in Melbourne, Australia our winter is cold and grey, though we don’t get snow. The monotony of grey skies can be very depressing. 😦

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