A perfectly posy commission………….

colour test 011


I’m all happy (and very lamb skippy) as I have been commissioned to make some spring posy brooches for a tres exciting and new venture.

I’m trying to work with a particular palette of just-so colours.  I’ve arranged some sylko sewing threads and crochet cottons in a work basket to help me focus on just a few colours…. a bit like having a mood board (a mood basket perhaps)


colour test 008


I’m using a warm palette of apricots, peaches, and corals mixed with ivy and eucalyptus, verdigris and mint so the posies will be a more subtle and gentle toned hue of floral loveliness.


colour test 003


I’ve bought a shade card of Jamieson’s wool (which is indeed a treat for the eyes) but the pieces of wool are cut quite small and glued into place so it is quite hard to mix and match the colours…. however, I’ve tried to play with colours and tones from other sewing cotton and yarn, and then see if I can  match them with wool.


brooch one 001


My client has been incredibly generous with giving me a beautiful palette of her favourite colours… with just a few restrictions ….. “I do not do royal blue, purple or lilac”… which is good as I’m not really a fan of those either though, I must say I do like purple shades when they are with a mixed with a lemony yellow.


brooch one 004


I’m testing out colour combinations to see what works and fits the bill.  I probably spend more than half my making time playing with the colours so I can create a particular palette just so.  This means mixing wools from different companies and trying to keep track of what wool is from where.


brooch one 007


At the moment it is a case of sending emails back and forth, asking “what do you think of this combination” (we went with the apricot/coral rather than the apricot/mustard) ……

As these are a most special and tres tres exciting commission they will be made in two exclusive colour palettes,  I’m also in the process of putting a particular detail in them which will only be available to the one store.







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