Spring time posy brooches

flower brooches 2 024


Years ago my Nanny used to wear small ceramic flower brooches and I used to love cleaning them for her, over time the petals and leaves would chip and I don’t think she had any that I hadn’t been a bit rough with.  Inspired by those ceramic and porcelain brooches, I’ve crocheted these little flower posies for pinning to coat lapels to brighten up the rather long winter days.  I’ve popped a few into my folksy shop and I’ll also be bringing them with me to Clutter City on March 15th.

They also look nice pinned to the side of a tote bag, and I think they’d look proper jaunty pinned to the side of a beret worn at a slinky angle.

I tend to use more vintagey, subtle colours where possible, but I’ve also made a couple of brighter ones.


cosies for glasses 006


These posies also adorn the glasses cases I made and they crop up on various other items I have sewn over the past few years.

Each brooch is hand crocheted using a variety of wools, some has been re-cycled or was a charity shop find, some is vintage wool from the sixties, and some is new wool from Jamiesons of Shetland (which is my favourite wool in the whole wide world).  The backs are covered with a piece of pure wool felt which is sewn securely into place and they fasten with a brooch pin.  They are quite podgy little brooches, and I really do like the feel of them, once they are all sewn up it is hard to put them down and stop playing with them.

I’ve made several for myself so most of my coats, jackets and cardigans have them on, even if there isn’t much sign of Spring in the garden I get to enjoy some springtime flower feeling.


flower brooch 21


The other week, I had a very nice compliment from a rather dapperly dressed gentleman friend who liked the posy brooch  I was wearing on my coat, and he commissioned me to make one for him to match his mustard yellow tweed jacket.  (It was a fantastic colour)  While I was making it he had another brooch on loan, which rather looked like a small boutonniere in his lapel.


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