Almond biscuits for Awesome Ally

almond biscuits 002


It was my favourite Barista’s birthday last week (actually at The Little Red Roaster everyone is so friendly and nice that they are all my favourite)…. I know she is a fan of these Italian almond biscuits so I made some for her as a belated birthday present.

They are very easy (though rather sticky) to make, the only down side to them is one,two,three is never enough and before you know it, you can have easily eaten a small plateful, which probably isn’t so good for your teeth or waistline.


almond biscuits 003


Ricciarelli (almond biscuits)


265 g ground almonds

3 egg whites

25 g sifted plain flour

2/3 teaspoon of baking powder

185 g sifted icing sugar (plus more for rolling)

zest of a lemon (or an orange)

2 baking trays lined with baking parchment

(makes about 30 biscuits)


Beat the egg whites until they are stiff.

Sift the flour, baking powder and icing sugar, gently fold them into the egg whites.

Add the lemon zest (or orange)  and the ground almonds, gently fold in to the above mixture.

Sift some extra icing sugar on to a plate.

Scoop out some mixture with a spoon (about the size of a walnut), pat it in the sifted icing sugar and then gently flatten it in your hand with the tips of your fingers.  Transfer to the baking parchment.

Continue in this way…..

Allow to dry for about 2 hours.

Pre-heat the oven to gas 3

Allow to bake for about 15 minutes one tray at a time.  After one tray has cooled return it to the oven for 5 minutes.  The biscuits need to be pale and golden on the outside but still soft and moist inside.

Once cool, sift over a little more icing sugar.  Store in a tin for up to 7 days


almond biscuits 005


Happy belated birthday Sit Down Ally….. hope you had a really smashing day.

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