Little bird, little bird

little bird, little bird 001


I’m in the middle of sewing and crocheting, embroidering and quilting all ready for the Clutter City Post Winter Fair on March 17th.


little bird, little bird 005


Along with some new items that I’ve been busy working on since Christmas, I’ve also been sewing and embroidering some old favourites.


little bird, little bird 006


This is like a little strip-tease….. you can start whistling the stripper music any time you please…..

I really don’t like a lot of unnecessary packaging and when I do use it, I try to source recycled and acid free papers where I can…. however I do appreciate that there is something delightful in the act of carefully un-wrapping a present…..


little bird, little bird 007


These little bird brooches are about 3 inches long and are completely hand sewn from pure wool felt.  They are filled with a pinch of sheep’s fleece so they have fat tummy tumkins.

They are lovely for spring weddings, as a gift or to wear.  Originally I was commissioned to make a white brooch by a lady (whose name I now can’t find…I’m so sorry) who wanted a little gift for her daughter to take on her honeymoon.


little bird, little bird 010


Each nest is a little different in colour and size.  I really wanted to make some packaging that you would want to keep and not just throw away in the bin.   I was inspired to fill the nest with felt confetti after seeing a small birds nest at Norwich castle.  It had been found in the eaves of a church porch and the birds had used soft tissue confetti as lining for the nest.


little bird, little bird 012


The birds are available in other colours, and for the non-wedding brooches I fill the nests with green leaves for Spring and Summer, and an Autumn range of yellow,orange and red.  I’m planning to put some of these into my Folksy shop after the weekend.


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