A quilt for Eliza and a little blue bunny….

elizas quilt and flora 003


Back in December I made the above patchwork quilt for our niece Eliza who was 1 in November, so it was sort of a birthday and Christmas gift combined.  The patchwork squares are a bit bigger than I normally sew, being 4 1/2 inches (4 inches once sewn together), and I also restricted my fabric choices a little as well.  Some of the fabric is quite busy, and so benefited from being cut larger, allowing more of the pattern to be displayed.


elizas quilt and flora 006


The hand quilting was kept very simple using a cream thread.  The pink paisley and pink spotty fabric was from an old Ikea duvet cover (I think it cost me a pound from a local church jumble sale) and in the past I’ve made Miss Eliza’s older sister Maggie little Summer frocks using that same duvet cover.  The blue and white diagonal patterned fabric (which has clusters of flower posies on it) was a small pinny and was a 20p car boot find……  the magic of patchwork is being able to mix all sorts of fabric together (as long as the quality of the fabric is good I can always find a home for it in a quilt).


elizas quilt and flora 007


For the back of the quilt I used fabric cut from a pretty floral cotton duvet cover.

Posing with the quilt is a little blue and white bunny I’ve named “Flora” which was a Christmas present that I got to chose for myself from one of my youngest sisters.  Flora was sitting in a junk shop looking most forlorn and very grubby, a little wash with warm water and soap at home and some gentle brushing of her fur bought her up looking spick and span….  I was intending to make her a little skirt but I think she looks fine and all set for spring with just some blossoms around her ear.


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