Tarts and tweed…

tarts and tweed 003


It’s the Arpette’s birthday today and so I’ve made him an apple tart for pudding.  The tart is really easy to make, and he says it tastes lovely (I don’t like cooked fruit myself so I have to trust what he says).  It is a Raymond Blanc recipe and is found here.


tarts and tweed 008


I’m in the middle of sewing some new cycling caps for him.  (I was hoping to have them finished for today but I ran out of  time so he’ll probably get them now next weekend).  Anyway, this is the fabric I’m using….  The brown tweed is a fabric from the fifties/sixties which Sylvia gave me and the green wool is from one of my local sewing shops, both are incredibly soft and I thought he’d look very dapper and Rapha-esque in these.


tarts and tweed 012


I’ve also got some fantastic Schiaparelli shocking pink tweed, which was also from Sylvias fabric stash and thought it would look amazing as a cycling cap.  (I’d have loved to have made a skirt for me but there wasn’t enough fabric).

I’m using patterns bought from The Little Package company in Portland.  Their patterns are really easy to follow and sew up to make very nice and neat looking cycling caps.







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