A thank you to the birds….

bird tapestry 001


Everyone seemed to predict we were going to have another really cold winter so I made up a whole load of fatty bird treats to feed the birds that visit our garden.  It’s not really been that cold but these have still been really popular with the small birds and I’ve even caught a Magpie or two investigating them.  Because making these looks so disgusting (they end up looking like something Roald Dahl would have featured in one of his books) I’m betting that small children would love to give a hand making them, though because the fat is hot I would suggest adult supervision at all times.

Bird Food Treats


Block of lard or beef dripping (about 500g)

About 500g of dry food which can be made up of the following….

150g bird food mix

75g finely milled peanuts

50g chopped raisins

100g sunflower hearts.

100g oat flakes

And a couple of dessert spoons of dry meal worms (they’re really light in weight but add lots of protein )

Containers for the bird treats  (I tend to squish some tin foil into 3 and 1/2 inch squares and put them into the empty feeders to support them…..small yoghurt pots and cream cheese containers work just as well)

lots of newspaper to cover work surfaces, old metal spoons, a bain marie/ bowl over a saucepan with water


Chop up the fat that you are going to use (I found that the beef dripping was much less smelly than using lard), put it into a bowl that then fits over a saucepan which has very hot water in it. Allow the fat to fully melt before adding in the other ingredients.

Once the fat has completely melted, turn off the heat.

One by one add the dry ingredients to the fat.  Keep stirring (sadly this looks incredibly unappetizing) until everything is well mixed in together.

Spoon out and put into your containers.  Smooth over the tops if you wish.

Allow to completely set before removing from the moulds (I leave mine overnight in the garage)

Hang or put on your bird table or feeder…. and just wait for a flurry of feathered thanks.

(The fancy blue tit and blossom tapestry was a Christmas present from my mama and sits amongst other tapestry delights above my sofa)


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