A basket of rainbows……

patchwork notebook cover 012


Although this is just a car booty sewing basket, it’s very similar to one my Nanny used to have (we also had a much larger one that we used to put our laundry in which was a great place for hiding when playing hide and seek with sisters when very little…not always so easy to get out of though…)


patchwork notebook cover 014


My embroidery threads aren’t stored as neatly as they should be, and inevitably they do end up all squished in together.


patchwork notebook cover 017


Unlike my fabrics, I find it harder to remember where particular threads have come from…many are car boot and flea market finds, but there are handfuls from Joyce, Sylvia, Sasha….one or too older dusty ones from the bottom of my Nanny’s work basket.


patchwork notebook cover 020


But on a day when it is overcast, windy and wet outside, when the sky is a most depressing grey, emptying out this sprawl of colour…..is like having a rainbow on my sewing table.


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