A Patchwork notebook for Norway…

patchwork notebook cover 078


I’ve been sewing a little patchwork notebook cover for a friend in Norway, it’s been made from scraps (as the squares are only 1 1/4 inches, small pieces of fabric can be used) and uses some favourites from my fabric stash.


patchwork notebook cover 004


The first thing I did was to up-end a box of fabric scraps onto my sewing table and find any blue and green fabrics as those were the colours my friend wanted it made up of.  (I’ve got several large boxes now of scraps as I like to use every piece I can and tend to hoard them all up ….(sewing patchwork from these throwaway pieces of fabric feels most thrifty…..and reminds me of the scrap bags that my Nanny and Auntie used to keep )


patchwork notebook cover 022


Then I sorted out some blue and green fabric from my main fabric stash.


patchwork notebook cover 024


And a little grey fabric too.  These are some of my favourite fabrics which do seem to turn up in so much of what I make, but I quite like that.


patchwork notebook cover 026


I measured out and drew small 1 1/4 inch squares on the back of the fabric, and cut them out leaving a 1/4 inch or more seam allowance.  (Actually I didn’t use the ruler I used a plastic grid but that looked awful in my photos, and thought the ruler a much prettier prop!)


patchwork notebook cover 029


I just kept drawing and cutting out squares until I knew I had more than enough (all the left over squares will, at some point, get used in another small project..)


patchwork notebook cover 032


Playing with the patchwork is one of my favourite parts, I spread the squares out on the sewing table and just arrange them until I’m happy (actually I had to add another row as the patchwork wasn’t quite wide enough when it was sewn together)


patchwork notebook cover 034


Most of the fabrics I like have very tiny prints or patterns on them and so I don’t have to fussy cut very often, however for the cute animal print above, I needed to make sure that the squirrel was placed in the centre of the square (if not just having part of his tail or feet would have looked a bit odd).

Once you have your patchwork sorted you are all ready to get sewing.


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