A blue and green granny square scarf….

crochet scarf 012


A couple of years ago I made this granny square crochet scarf and it seems everytime I wear it I receive a compliment on it.  When I popped to the shops yesterday afternoon I was asked by a lady if I had made it and how had I joined it together.  I said I’d put some pictures here and explain what I had done.

Making a granny square scarf is a very simple first project when you have learnt to crochet, and you can use up lots of small balls of wool, though I splashed out a little when I bought the wool for this.

I used Rowan Felted Tweed wool, though I’m not really sure now how many balls I bought…I think I bought 6 balls in all, 2 of each colour.  The recommended crochet hook size on the label is 3 3/4 – 4 mm, but I used an even smaller size hook 3 1/4 mm (3.25) as I like my crochet really tight.


crochet scarf 003


After a lot of fannying about wondering how wide I was going to make it, I decided on 2 squares wide and 28 squares long, if I don’t wrap it around my neck plenty then it makes me feel a bit like Tom Baker (the Dr Who who wore the very long scarf)

I crocheted each square separately so this was a nice, portable project that I could take on the bus or to the coffee shop.

After crocheting all the squares, I then joined them together  (there is an excellent tutorial by Lucy here) and then crocheted around the joined squares a couple of times.


crochet scarf 006


I probably should have blocked it after it was all joined but I was too keen to start wearing it so it has wrinkled up somewhat along the edges.

The Rowan Felted Tweed is a mix of Merino, alpaca and viscose.  It was quite scratchy the first few weeks of wearing it, however it has softened up the more it is worn.

I’m hoping to make a more colourful version at some point, maybe with some Jamiesons of Shetland wool, which, in my opinion is some of the nicest (and certainly most colourful wool) about.

3 thoughts on “A blue and green granny square scarf….

    1. Well I had Alice round on for the day on Sunday and spent part of the day giving her a crochet lesson, so it may be buying wool and putting in an order with her (she took to it really well and had managed to crochet a granny square by the time she went home)

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