A little bit of Sunshine

yellow tulips 003


A few days ago I was brought these lovely yellow tulips, and they have been this week’s blessing.  Today has been wet, and gloomy, right now there is a right old gale blowing outside my window and looking at these flowers I am reminded that Spring is just around the corner.They really have made me smile every time I have looked at them on our dining table.

I love the colour yellow, it never fails to lift my heart.  It feels like having a vase of sunshine in the room.


yellow tulips 006


Outside there are the first sharp green shoots of the daffodils that grow outside our front door and I’ve seen tiny tufts of blossom on a few of our neighbours trees.

I don’t dislike Winter, I love listening to the wild winds blowing, walking with my hair whipping all around me, but when it is just wet and gloomy, cold and with no sign of snow, it can feel like a real drag, and then I just want Spring to hurry on up and come early.


3 thoughts on “A little bit of Sunshine

    1. The blue squirrel vase used to belong to my Nanny and she always had it filled with flowers so when I inherited I have tried to do the same.
      I think a little of your Australian sunshine has reached blustery old Norfolk, it’s beautiful, bright and right sunny outside.

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