Not the best cake in the world….

cake 006


My eldest sister and her husband popped in for a cup of tea yesterday and as I knew they were coming, I made like the song and baked a cake.  I used up the frosting/icing which was left over from the Cinnamon breakfast rolls that I had made Sunday and also used the last of the rosehip jam that I’d made last autumn.

This is a cake recipe that I’ve made so many times, however I’m not sure what went wrong this time but the cake just didn’t rise as well as it normally does so the sponge felt a little on the sticky side.  I’ve read before that the weather can effect baking and it really was raining cats and dogs yesterday so maybe that was it.

I sifted the flour 3 times so it should have been nice and light but maybe I just didn’t get enough air into the cake.  Also that icing was very sweet so  the cake had a bit of a shop bought cake tasteness to it.


cake 009


It wasn’t inedible (there’s now about a quarter left as we had some for pudding last night) but it wasn’t the best cake in the world either.

As I’ve got older I have become more and more fussy about cake.  I don’t really eat a lot of cake (honestly….I am much more interested in cheese and biscuits) so when I do have it I want it to be really perfect,  a light and fluffy sponge with just the  right amount of icing, not too buttery, not too sweet….a goldilocks cake in fact.

And I was right royally spoilt by my sister as she brought me round a beautiful selection of floral moda fabrics as a present….and it isn’t even my birthday!  They are almost too pretty to cut up….. but only almost.


4 thoughts on “Not the best cake in the world….

  1. That cake was DELICIOUS!! And on the way home Mr F asked the following questions….Why doesn’t Mrs F bake cakes anymore? Why doesn’t Mrs F bake bread anymore? Why doesn’t Mrs F make jam? Why doesn’t Mrs F make chutney? Mrs F asked just one question….why did she take Mr F to Norwich with her????!!!! 😉
    Oh and the fabric is by Lecien, not Moda 😉 …glad you liked it 🙂

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