Patchwork Pleasures

patchwork pleasures 005


I had a bit of a tidy up again in the sewing room and found the stack of patchwork blocks I was sewing last Summer and Autumn.   I’ve really enjoyed sewing these, using my favourite fabrics and combining the colours so my patchwork is beautiful and bright.  I’m still undecided whether or not I’m going to use sashing between each block, I like how the colours in some blocks clash a little bit next to their neighbouring block.


patchwork pleasures 006


I guess if I don’t use sashing then I’m about a fifth of the way through, I’m estimating that the quilt will be about 12 blocks by 15 blocks.  Each block is 61/2 inches square so I get to use up small scraps of my favourite fabrics.  I mentioned before when I was writing about the square patchwork  I’m sewing in the evenings, looking at my patchwork feels like flicking through a photo album.  Some fabric I really can’t remember where it came from, but for the most part I look at it and recall the friends and family who have given my fabric.  Sometimes it has been offcuts and scraps from something they have sewn, other times it has been a gift for my birthday or for Christmas, mixed in with fabric I’ve bought myself, sometimes new, sometimes precious car-booty.


patchwork pleasures 007


This hasn’t been the fastest sewn patchwork but it has certainly been the quilt top that has given me the most pleasure to sew.  I’m using what I think to be the most brilliant quilting block reference book ever as my resource for different block patterns (I want each block to be different and I’m trying to use the fabrics in different combinations for each block).

At the moment I am sewing (after having re-drafted a new pattern ) a cycling jacket for the Arpette.  It’s been quite a challenge as the original pattern was from Finland and after I traced the pattern I then made alterations which the Arpette specified (raising the front, curving the side edges, tracing off a hem that curves, splitting the sleeve, raising the collar at the back and lowering it at the front…..a list of changes as long as my arm,) then I am sewing the jacket in a soft shell fabric which I have never sewn with before, so I am most definitely out of my comfort zone.   I’m pinning then tacking each seam before sewing with a sewing machine, and then top stitching so it is taking me longer than I had hoped.  There will be photos when it’s all finished along with some drawings explaining how I changed the pattern and a couple of tutorials showing how you can use the same techniques.


4 thoughts on “Patchwork Pleasures

  1. It is going to be a charming quilt. You could boarder each block with a different print to make the blocks larger so you don’t have to make as many. I seen that done in scrappy quilts.I have been working on a sampler quilt using up some of my small scraps too.

    1. Actually that sounds like a really good idea. I’m becoming more and more keen on not sewing borders for this quilt top because I like how the colours do clash a bit but that is certainly an idea I’d like to try out in the future. I love sampler quilts made with scraps more than anything.

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