Bear heads and sewing threads…oh my!

bears, vodka and sewing thread bargain 001


I’m trying to design a new toy for one of the many small people that we know.  I wanted to create a more 3 dimensional face so have been experimenting with darts and head inserts to give more shape to the toys face.

These are my first two attempts at trying to make something a little bit different to the flatter toy head that I have sewn in the past.

I used a couple of toy books from the seventies as a reference and took it from there.


bears, vodka and sewing thread bargain 003


Neither head came out exactly as I thought so still lots more tinkering is needed.  I embroidered the eyes on the smaller head and just put in pins for the bigger head to give me an idea of what the finished face will look like.  And they both need little bear ears sewn on too.

Some years ago I was lucky enough to pick up some vintage lama wool fabric from a charity shop in Wells (it is where Hot Fuzz was filmed), originally the fabric had been a coat and someone had carefully unpicked each seam so the pieces are all odd shapes.  It’s lovely to sew and feels really soft.

For stuffing, I save up all my tiny scraps of threads and fabric pieces (all those teeny tiny pieces that normally would get binned), and have even chopped up tatty old socks and t-shirts. This makes my favourite stuffing, it’s ideal for stuffing pin-cushions, and is brilliant for toys, however it takes some time to make a decent sized amount so probably isn’t for everyone (it wouldn’t be very cost effective if you are making toys to sell, however I only make them for the little cuties that we know)


bears, vodka and sewing thread bargain 009


On Thursday I spent the day with one of my nieces and we went on a small tour of the many antique and junk shops that now seem to be in Norwich.  I love these types of shops as you never know what you are going to see in there.  I was very pleased to find this pretty tin for just a couple of pounds……


bears, vodka and sewing thread bargain 006


… and was over the moon when I found all these sewing threads (including some beautiful embroidery silks and a reel of  shirring elastic) all for the princely sum of one pound.  I basically skipped out of the shop with happiness.


One thought on “Bear heads and sewing threads…oh my!

  1. A gorgeous tin. I can see why you skipped out of the shop with happiness. I would have done the same thing. Your bear heads look great. My one attempt at making a fur teddy bear resulted in the poor bear having lopsided facial features. I called him tatty ted and he has a certain character about his unique features.

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