Sylvia’s Sylko Threads

sylvia's sylko threads 004


One of the nicest and brightest gifts that I received over the holidays was this basket of Dewhurst Sylko cotton threads from my friend Sylvia.  It’s a beautiful assortment of colourful threads, some are even the original wooden reels.  I love the names of old threads and spent some time Christmas morning reading them all  out to the Arpette who feigned a look of interest while drifting into a sewing talk induced trance.


sylvia's sylko threads 006


Easily as bright and colourful as a box of Quality Street (and much better for the ever expanding waist line and bottom girth)   I love using the older threads for my hand-sewing, the thread tangles a lot less and the quality really was so much better.  I’ve also noticed that the thread seems to be finer so threading a tiny eyed needle is a whole lot easier.

I love gifts like this that don’t involve shopping in any large swanky stores, I think she said this came from a charity shop.  Handmade or second hand are my favourite things.


One thought on “Sylvia’s Sylko Threads

  1. Mr F has been known to drift into a sewing-induced-trance too…. maybe it’s a man-thing?? 😉 Your threads are fab – i’ll keep looking in “vintage” shops when I’m out and about to see if I can find you some goodies 😉

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